Mid McKnight Tapes on USB - Over 425 audio sermons on one USB.

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Mid McKnight Tapes on USB - Over 425 audio sermons on one USB.

Mid McKnight was a gospel preacher who lived through the great depression and World War II. He was a naval aviator and after serving he became a "Flying Preacher." He flew all over the world and preached wherever he went. 

When Glad Tidings Publishing purchased Gospel Services, we were privileged to gain the rights to their tape archive of Mid McKnight sermons. At the time they were only labeled with a numbering system, which did not correspond to the index that was with them. We had some wonderful volunteers listen to all the sermons and label them after we converted them to digital. This collection of over 425 sermons will be a wonderful resource for you.

It is wrong for a Christian to violate the law.
Here are some quick guidelines to help you stay within the law.

You May:
  • Load these on multiple devices that are used by one person for
    the purpose of Bible study.
  • Examples include loading it to itunes to listen on your device,
    loading it on your computer or laptop for listening.
  • Play these off of the flash drive.
  • Burn a copy to CD for personal use.
You May Not:
  • Give copies of these files away.
  • Load them on the internet or any internet service such as YouTube.
  • Make copies for friends/family/church.
  • Distribute and sell any copies.
By placing these in this format, we are trusting our brethren not
to use them or distribute them in such as way as to harm our ability
to continue to work on and produce this material.

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