VBSS Individual Full-Color Manuals Lesson 2 - The Mosaic Age

506M (English) Sing 2
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VBSS Individual Full-Color Manuals Lesson 2 - The Mosaic Age by Jule Miller

This is Lesson 2 of the 5-lesson set of the Jule Miller Visualized Bible Study Series. We have updated the cover and some of the images inside, but it is the same text and lesson that has helped conduct Bible studies since the 1960s.

32 full-color pages.

To continue with the basic Bible stories that link together the Jewish or Law Period of Bible History. To show how God’s plan for worship under the Old Law differs from His
plan for our worship today. To give numerous examples of unbelief which always led to suffering. To show how Jesus was born and lived under the Old Law in order to
fulfill the Law and bring to us the Age of Grace.

By the miraculous hand of God the Israelites were delivered from bondage. Unbelief on the part of many brought heartache and misery that caused God’s people
to wander in the wilderness forty years before reaching the promised land. We see the stories of the Kings of Israel, how the kingdom became divided and the prophets
who told of the coming Savior. This story ends with a brief account of the Life of Jesus.


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