VBSS Selected Individual Full Color Manuals Lesson 3 - The Christian Age - Glad Tidings Publishing

VBSS Individual Full-Color Manuals Lesson 3 - The Christian Age

506M (English) Sing 3
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VBSS Individual Full-Color Manuals Lesson 3 - The Christian Age

This is Lesson 3 of the 5-lesson set of the Jule MIler Visualized Bible Study Series. We have updated the cover and some of the images inside, but it is the same text and lesson that has helped conduct Bible studies since the 1960s.


  1. To show how men repeatedly have left God and His divine will ever since creation, bringing upon themselves separation, misery, and heartaches.
  2. To set forth how men in our Christian Era left God’s New Testament truth resulting in doctrines of men, religious divisions, and strife.
  3. To assure the believer that religious unity is possible through the Lord’s church which is founded upon Christ and His Holy Word.

Beginning with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, man has always tended to depart from God. Soon after Jesus established His church, religious leaders began to inject their own ideas about church organization, doctrines, and practices. These departures finally led to the establishment of the Roman Catholic Church early in the seventh century. From the sixteenth century on, various other denominations have
arisen as people have followed religious leaders who were sincere but whose doctrines varied from New Testament teachings. This process continues. Our lesson closes with the Bible plea voiced by members of the churches of Christ throughout the world: let us all go back beyond Denominationalism and Catholicism to God’s Way as revealed in the New Testament. In this way, all may be one in Christ Jesus.

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