VBSS Individual Full-Color Manuals Lesson 1 - The Patriarchal Age

506M (English) Sing 1
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VBSS Individual Full-Color Manuals Lesson 1 - The Patriarchal Age by Jule Miller

This is Lesson 1 of the 5-lesson set of the Jule Miller Visualized Bible Study Series. We have updated the cover and some of the images inside, but it is the same text and lesson that has helped conduct Bible studies since the 1960s.

To present basic stories that took place during the first period of Bible history; to help the Bible student develop a better concept of our Heavenly Father; to note some of God’s eternal principles that will help in studying not only the Old Testament but also the New Testament and to lay a foundation of faith in the Bible as the all-sufficient Word of God.

This is the story of the creation, the first people, the first children, and the first sin. We see how God provided a sacrifice for sin. As people multiplied on the earth, they became
exceedingly wicked. Because they would not repent, they were destroyed by a great flood except for eight people who believed and obeyed God. The story continues with the lives of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph, and finally ends with the deliverance of God’s people from Egyptian slavery.

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