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Your Church Seems to Really Care. Why Is That? (Pack of 10)

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Your Church Seems to Really Care. Why Is That? (Pack of 10)

“Why do you care?” is an intriguing question.

It is asked as church elders bring a check to a family whose house has burned or whose medical bills have piled up. It is asked by widows when the youth group
shows up on a Saturday to rake leaves and wash windows. It is asked as retired Christians go from room to room in nursing homes, sharing time and hope. It is asked by orphans as church members arrive with holiday gifts and necessities.

It is asked by cancer patients as a preacher makes his hospital rounds, bringing cheer, snacks, and prayers. It is asked by addicts as Christian counselors volunteer
time to help them return to families, jobs, and life. It is asked by prisoners as teachers come week by week in jail ministry. It is asked by a family grieving the loss of a child as tears flow from eye to eye down the line of supporters that stretches out of the door of the funeral home.

It is asked by students when youth ministers take time to go to their games. It is asked by children around the world as summer missionaries arrive with food, supplies,
and gospel material.

Why do Christians care for those they have never met? Why is their love for each other palpable, and strong enough to overcome racial, generational, political, economic, educational, and ethnic differences? What possible reason could Christians have to do good things for their enemies and say nice things about their adversaries?

David once cried in despair, “No one cares for my soul” (Psalm 142:4). Christians care. But why? The answer lies not in who they are but in whose they are.

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