Heaven Will Surely Be Worth It All (Pack of 10)

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Heaven Will Surely Be Worth It All (Pack of 10)

No one gets to heaven dry–eyed, smooth–shouldered, and soft-footed. Christianity begins with self-denial, taking up a cross, and following the Nazarene along the way of suffering (Luke 9:23–26). It requires godly sorrow to enter the narrow gate, and forgoing sin’s pleasures to travel on the difficult road (Matthew 5:4; 7:13–14; 2 Corinthians 7:10).

One may have to come to Christ over the objections of family (Matthew 10:34–36), the ostracism of friends (1 John 3:13), and the mockery of the world (Mat­thew 5:10). He runs the risk of being labeled as part of a hate group, may suffer for political incorrectness, and in some places may meet death prematurely as a martyr (Revelation 2:10).

Even without these problems, one will invest signifi­cant resources. If he attends all church services and is involved in its usual activities (youth events, visi­tation, caregiving, fellowship, revivals) for a couple hours a week, he will invest about 20,000 hours over fifty years. The average American family income (fil­ing jointly) is $117,795. If such a family gives 10 per­cent for fifty years, then they contribute $588,975. If one is active in Bible reading, teaching, evangelism, and shepherding, then the investment of talent and energy is substantial.

Will heaven be worth all of that?

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