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Believe the Bible Lesson C: Christ, Who Is He?

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Believe the Bible
Lesson C: Christ, Who Is He? 

By Rob Whitacre

Believe the Bible has finally arrived!  It is an answer to the most 
frequently asked questions during our evangelism seminars.  How do you reach people who don't believe in God, the Bible, and Jesus?  As society changes, the church must be mindful of where people are located in religious thought.  When I was growing up, most people believed in God and respected the Bible.  Therefore, using a personal Bible study method like “Back to the Bible” or “Does It Matter” was perfect. This is no longer true in some segments of society. This "Pre-Bible" study will allow us to reach millions of people who we have largely avoided and bring them to the Cross.

BTB is simple to teach and easy to understand.  Each lesson begins with areas of general agreement and develops the theme through reason and common sense.  The three booklets are broken down into the following: 

  • BTB A:  Affirmation of God
  • BTB B:  Bible Inspiration
  • BTB C". Christ, who is He? 


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