Growing in Christ - A Study for New Christians

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Growing in Christ - A Study for New Christians (New Converts)

This book, written by Bobby Bates, guides the new Christian in what he/she needs in order to grow. It features sixteen lessons to help the new Christian learn to walk in the light. It is excellent for young Christians and new converts.

About Bobby Bates

Bobby Bates loved people. His concern for their souls focused his life’s work on personal evangelism. Even though his efforts were recognized around the world, he never grew complacent. He constantly read, studied, and evaluated his teaching methods and willingly learned from others with the Gospel of Christ.

Bobby loved helping others learn how to teach the Gospel effectively. He preached Gospel meetings, and campaigns, and conducted personal evangelism workshops throughout our nation. He established a personal evangelism program during his tenure at the Bear Valley School of Biblical Studies Studies in Denver, Colorado. Also, he taught at the Southwest School of Preaching in Austin, Texas, and Brown Trail School of Preaching in Bedford, Texas.


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