Back to the Bible Lesson Three (3) - Larger Print, Teacher's Edition

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Back to the Bible Lesson Three (3)

Larger Print/Teacher's Edition

This is the larger print version of Back to the Bible, Lesson 3 which also serves as a teacher's edition. This version is 9 x 6 and features a larger font and a notes column on the side of each page. 

Back to the Bible is a three-part lesson series designed for personal, one-on-one Bible studies. The study focuses on reading Scripture and then answering the questions. It was designed so that any Christian can sit down and do a Bible study with anyone that is interested in the truth.  It was written by Bobby Bates and is used by Rob Whitacre in his evangelism seminars.

This third lesson covers the problem of sin, the consequence of sin, and God's plan for saving us from our sins. The last sections teach the plan of salvation and are designed to encourage someone to obey the gospel.

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