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VBSS Captioned Edition

VBSS Captioned Edition
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For teaching English with the Bible, for the "tell-it'yourself" teacher, for the hearing impaired, for computer and PowerPoint presentations, for home Bible study, for personal work and for many other uses this captioned edition of the VBSS is ideal. The speed and accents of spoken English may be confusing to some listeners. The use of caption without narration removes this obstacle.

The five lessons covering the Bible and church history  are on five CDs:

1) The Patriarchal Age

2) The Mosaic Age

3) The Christian Age

4) God's Plan for Redeeming Man

5) History of the Lord's Church

The first three lessons are based on the three ages of Bible history found in the Bible itself. The five lessons are illustrated with over 1600 full-color original Bible art pieces. Each picture has a script across the bottom identifying the content being illustrated. The scripts in the five captioned lessons are compatible with the five illustrated manuals, available separately, printed in full color for this series. 

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